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Our vision as a consultant is to give the client a service of management and / or design of projects of high technical quality, at competitive prices and with the use of tools and software of recognized international prestige such as:

  • ASPEN TECH, for conceptual, basic designs and optimization of existing plants (Annex 1 for details of modules that we have in ASPEN TECH)
  • BENTLY and / or AVEVA 3D for detailed three-dimensional designs with built-in information that will serve in the future the inspection and maintenance groups of the Refinery and / or Plant to monitor them.

Optimization of existing plants, modifications, extensions for the improvement of productivity, as well as the identification and implementation of plans to reduce costs and energy, whose benefits will then be verified in situ with a prior dedicated follow-up according to the client.

Provide our clients with specific services that allow them to comply with the national and international regulations that apply in the sector that are developed, making it possible to obtain authorizations and grant licenses for the expeditious execution of their projects.


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Arsedio Carbajal

Founding partner of AC3 Consultores

Chemical Engineer from the National Engineering University with a Master in Chemical Engineering.

Victor Pomar

Vice Admiral of the Peruvian Navy in retirement

Partner of AC3 Consultores, with extensive knowledge in processes and regulations of the National Maritime Administration and General Directorate of Captaincy

Adriana Carbajal

International Maritime Lawyer

International Maritime Lawyer, with Law Degree from the University of Lima, Master on International Maritime Law granted by the International Institute of Maritime Law (IMO-IMLI) and a specialization at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS FOUNDATION).